In 2004 Laymen Ministries began the Vanuatu mission project located on the island of Gaua. Dr. Mark Turnbull, his wife Naomi and their daughter Kay left the comforts of Australia for the Jungles on the thisvolcanic island chain. Our work in Vanuatu includes medical ministry, mission aviation, health education, planting schools and churches. In 2007 God miraculously provided a nearly brand new orange Maule bush plane, perfect for landing on grass airstrips on these remote islands.

As word grew of our mission work and its impact on the island of Gaua, neighboring islands have labored for more than a year to construct grass airstrips for the Maule airplane. Our work there continues to expand with grade schools teaming with children and a medical work that is recognized by almost everyone in the country, including the President of Vanuatu!.


Vanuatu: Surviving the Storm (2015)

TRT: 28:30

In this episode, we're heading to Vanuatu in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam. 2015 marks the ten year anniversary of this project and we reflect back on the work that has been done. Join us as we examine God's work in the storm, re-visit the original site of the mission project, and take a look at the project today .


Dr. Mark does medical emergencies the airplane to nearby islands - Motalava, Toga and Merelava. Reaching these untouched islands in the northern most areas of the country was our objective from the start. The dream of someday landing on these islands and reaching these people with the Three Angel's Messages is now a reality.

Construction on a hangar home for Dr. Mark and his family was recently completed. A hangar serves as protection for the airplane during storms and cyclones and an upper level of the hangar provides adequate living space. Next to it we have a new medical clinic compleyte with a sterile Operating Room. The Vanuatu mission projects always has various needs for additional missionary teachers, medical staff, volunteers to help with construction and operation expenses.

If you would like to find out more about this project, support this project or get involved yourself, please contact Laymen Ministries or visit Dr. Mark's Vanuatu website at:


After building the runway for more than a year, the villagers on the island of
Merelava pose for a picture after the airplane's inaugrual landing.

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