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The Tale of Two Nations
by Jeff Reich
This article prophetically shows where our country (The USA) is today in light of history and prophecy—by comparing the United States with ancient Rome.
Windows to the Soul
by E. Lonnie Melashenko with Timothy E. Crosby
Television too often becomes a master of the one who sits before it. It can make you an addict just as surely as narcotics can. It can so hypnotize you that you can scarcely muster the willpower to turn it off.
Lessons from the Apple Pickers
by Jeff Reich
What does a dream about apple orchards and apple pickers have to do with Christians today? A lot!
Without Spot or Blemish
by Pastor Richard O'Ffill
In order to stand firm in the last days we must understand the purpose of the church. Only then will we be able to determine how to accomplish the purpose in a manner consistent with the message that the church stands for.
Adventism’s Early View of Laity and Clergy
by Russel Burrill
When the pastor takes over the ministry function of the church and neglects the training function, the church becomes weak spiritually. There is a definite connection between how pastors govern the church and the spirituality of the church.
Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone!
by Pastor Nicu Butio
They tried to starve him and persecute him, but he held fast his faith!
by Jeff Reich
Jihad? Holy Wars? What was the real historical meaning behind the word? Should Christian’s be practicing Jihad in the true sense of the word?
Out of the Cities
by A. L. White and E. A. Sutherland
There are many reasons that may be set forth as arguments in favor of the family having its home in a rural location. These have been clearly and fully set forth in the booklet, Country Living, but there are more things to consider!
Left Behind by the Jesuits
by Pastor Steve Wolhberg
What about the roots of the Secret Rapture? Could it be that many are being left behind by the Jesuits?
Universal Justification and the Demise of Preacher
by Jeff Reich
What happened with a well know preacher by the name of A. F. Ballenger and what can we learn from his teachings today? Is it true that everyone in the whole world is “universally forgiven?”
Can't See the Forest Through the Trees?
by Jeff Reich
Amazing stories about how we call ourselves Christians and we allow opportunities to simply slip through the cracks! Just remember, people come in contact with you—and you are the church. This is why the power of the church’s mission rests in the laity. The church will only have a revival when the laymen of the church recognize this one important point
Why All the Fuss?
by Wellesley Muir
Daddy, the college church is asking me to serve as an elder. What do you think about ordaining women?” My quick-off-the-cuff answer, “I’m against it.” “Why?,” she wanted to know.
Ministry—Its in Your Own Back Yard!
by Ellen G. White
When the love of Christ is enshrined in the heart, like sweet fragrance it cannot be hidden. Its holy influence will be felt by all with whom we come in contact.
Player, or Spectator?
by Jeff Reich
Everyone knows that a spectator is one of the most critical people in the world. He yells at the referee, offers unsolicited advice, or boos loudly when a play goes bad. Needless to say, this was not the way it was in the early Christian church, or the way Jesus intended it to be.
China in Bible Prophecy
by Samuel Wang & Dr. Ethel R. Nelson
Does the Bible, which is meant for all people of the world, have anything to say about the land of China? The ancient Dead Sea Scrolls, found in 1947, include the book of Isaiah, and once again confirm that today’s Bible is accurate and reliable. Is there a verse in Isaiah that refers to China?
Unconquerable Laymen
by Home Missionary Department
Men ought to preach the gospel who do not make preaching their profession. The judge, the lawyer, the artist, the schoolteacher, the physician, the mechanic, the engineer, the day laborer. Whoever has been called to seek his livelihood and to develop his talents in some secular channel.
With Friends Like These…
by David Fiedler
Yes, Ellen White had some interesting “friends.” And though there are but few still living who knew her personally, the story hasn’t ended yet. . . The most popular of these is the somebody-changed-the-Testimonies theory.
Making Home Happy
by Ellen G. White
In the home the foundation is laid for the prosperity of the church. The influences that rule in the home life are carried into the church life; therefore, church duties should first begin in the home.
Spying on the Devil!
by Ellen G. White
As the people of God approach the perils of the last days, Satan holds earnest consultation with his angels as to the most successful plan of overthrowing their faith.
Fear God and Give Glory to Him!
by Elder David Lin
This church alone holds the Bible as basis for its proclamation since 1844 -- the message of Daniel 8:14.

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