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White Container on a Mountain

January 17th, 2012

Why is a 20’ sea container sitting on top of a remote Philippine mountain?

Why is Laymen Ministries Philippines so excited about the meaning of this sea container?


It all started 15 years ago when Allen and Maritess Branson started Laymen Ministries’ work with the illiterate, animist, Irayan (Mangyan) natives of Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. They soon discovered the importance of education and opened a school for the native children.

13 years ago, my wife Moni and I joined Laymen Ministries Philippines. We too have remained convicted of the dire need for education.

Today, God has blessed and challenged us with 4 elementary schools and 1 high school, exclusively for these marginalized natives. Now we have almost 200 serious students in our schools.




Our ultimate goal is to lift up Jesus by our daily example, as we teach hygiene, nutrition, basic reading and writing to ALL native children. While we desire to uplift all students, we are also looking for those motivated, qualified students that have the burning desire to get a quality education and become the missionaries to their own people.

This is the reason we have the container on top of the mountain. God has allowed us to own 75 acres of remote property, yet only 15 km from the nearest town. Much of the property is rough and steep, but there are building sites, gardening sites and we already have a well on the property. There is also a site for a 100’ tower , which will support our wind generator. A sweet Christian couple from California donated the 10 KW wind generator and built all the controls and batteries inside the container. In addition, they are flying in on Jan. 6 to erect the tower and connect the system. As an additional bonus, realizing that we have sporadic winds, but abundant sunshine, the system will be jointly powered by solar and wind.


As the high school site will be totally off grid, we are deeply grateful for God’s children in the U.S. who donated not just 1, but 4 containers of practical items for the high school and also for our elementary schools. The following is only a partial listing of donated items: Champion Juicer, Magic Mill, the kitchen sink, paint, ladders, wheelbarrows , scaffolding, portable generators, Mason Ball jars for canning, garden tools, mechanic tools, John Deere Skid Steer, Bobcat Mini-excavator, 70 boxes of Christian books, bed sheets, and WOW! 50 lbs of Pinto beans! God and His family are indeed GOOD!

Another exciting event on the Spring calendar is the arrival of a Swiss Fly and Build Team, for an evangelistic series and the beginning of construction of one of the high school buildings.




We continue to solicit your prayers and financial support for God’s work here in Occidental Mindoro!

Your Fellow Servants,
Jim and Moni Webb

A Powerful God We Serve

November 18th, 2011

Venus VeloriaWe have a powerful God that we serve that’s the distinct difference between us, missionary teachers, and the public school teachers. It’s not good to say, but we have more integrity and love for God than they. In this experience that I’m going to tell, they, the public school teachers, saw something in us that they are lack and want to have.

In just recently, we had celebrated the “Buwan nang Wika”, where KESI, Katutubo Schools Inc., and the public school merged together to make a program and to present it. They were the ones who came to us and begged to join. We’ve been praying for that true to happen, because they were our enemies. They had been robbing our students ever since and accepting our dropouts even if the students dropped in the middle of the school year. So, we were surprised and happy at the same time. We gladly welcomed them. We tried not to think that they have a hidden agenda for joining. We accepted them like our long time friends.

The time of presentation came. We hardly had time to practice, but our students did their best. Our school’s presentation was very different from theirs. Our students were lively and gay, while their students were dull and serious. I believe students reflect the teacher’s mood and spirit. Jesus brings us joy so deep that others don’t understand. Our school is really an excel school because, we have the joy of being a Christian, so much, different from the worldly joy. Our presentations were 100% better.

In basketball league, our school’s team is always winning. Our students are not that strong and big but their Master Coach is strong. They pray before the game, and they follow what the Master Coach says. Now, they are one of the teams who will compete for the championship.

The villagers are watching us. They are in awe because we have a powerful God that we serve. No matter what other teams do, our God will make us win if it is His will, and only for His glory, not ours.

Venus Veloria

Video tour of the new headquarters!

August 9th, 2007

Jim Webb gives a tour of the new Laymen Ministries Philippines Headquarters and high school to our first students.


If the video is frequently stopping during playback, try hitting the ‘pause’ button and let it download more into its buffer for a couple of minutes before trying to play again. Highspeed internet is recommended.

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High school starting!

July 25th, 2007

Please keep us all in your prayers as we prepare to start high school! This is a HUGE step for us and we’re heading forward into the unknown, but we’re trusting in God and we know He has already supplied all of our needs.

Please keep us in your prayers especially now! I’m going in the boat this weekend with Lisa Gott, our new high school teacher to pick up our high school students from where they have been working as teachers and teaching assistants in our elementary schools and bring them back with us to start high school!

Praise God. We’ve been dreaming of this day for many many years.


Lisa’s Arrival!

July 22nd, 2007

Lisa Gott,
Missionary High School Teacher in Katutubo Excel High School

Greetings from Occidental Mindoro, Philippines!

It hardly seems real but here I am in the Philippines. I hardly know where to begin, but I think I will start with how the Lord brought me here since many of you have asked me. I will give the short version.

Mission has always been a desire of my heart, but I thought at the most I would only be called to do a short-term mission trip. So, I dreamed of going to India with Maranatha. It didn’t work out for me to go financially, but my friend Marg was able to go. When she returned she was desiring more with the Lord. She and my mother, Nancy, began to pray and explore what needs were out there that they might be useful.

Mom and Marg went with me when I went to Hadyn Lake, Idaho to do a Creation Seminar and drove down to St. Maries, Idaho to Laymen Ministries on Thursday. While there they spoke with Terri and Christy. After praying together Christy and Terri told them they could be used anywhere in the world they would be interested in going. In the meantime, they filled out applications and signed up to do Worldwide Perspectives. They were given DVDs to watch on the different mission opportunities Laymen Ministries was involved in. Continue Reading »

With Growth comes More Challenges

July 20th, 2007

Jim and Moni Webb
By Jim and Moni Webb, administrators for L.M. Philippines,

8 years ago, Laymen Ministries’ work here in the Philippines consisted of a staff of 2, Allen and Maritess Branson. The Bransons lived in a remote mountain native village where they shared Christ’s love and tried to conduct basic school classes, if the students showed up.

Today we have a staff of 29 missionaries. 12 are from the U.S., 1 from Australia and the remaining 16 are Filipinos.

We operate 3 accredited elementary schools with 190 students, who are excited to attend school.

In addition, we also have 5 first year high school students in our own native high school.

In prior years, many lowlanders (non-native majority people) would ridicule our natives and discourage them from sending their children to “your schools.” This year approximately 20 lowlander families approached the native school boards and begged them to allow their children to attend “your schools.” The natives voted to allow them to enroll if the parents agreed in writing with the school policies and would allow their children to be tested and placed in the appropriate grade level. After testing the students from the government schools, students who had been in grades 6 to 2nd year high school, were placed in grades 2,3 and 4. Continue Reading »

Supplies Needed!

July 16th, 2007

Visitors from the U.S. will be coming here in August and they’ve promised room in their suitcases for anything we need!

If you think you can somehow supply us with any of the following, please e-mail us and let us know what you can help with.

We need laptop computers for our High School students that are fairly up to date (nothing older than Windows XP), and have DVD drives.  We’re running Abeka high school programs on the computers and the students need to watch DVDs to follow along with their lessons.

Medicine (Please be sure meds have NOT expired!):

Medical Tape
creams, solutions, capsules
Antifungal cream
anti-itch cream
Antibiotics: Continue Reading »

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