Without exception, the primary medium of communication today is visual media. For this reason, Laymen Ministries is endeavoring to produce mission videos and documentary videos to share the Three Angel's Messages on Television, the internet and DVD.

Today advances in technology and the internet allow us to make our programs available globally, instantly, on-demand and in High Definition for free. Distributing video content has never been more far reaching or cost-effective. At the same time, costs for camera and computer equipment for production has fallen drastically, while quality has improved exponentially. The conditions for producing and distributing video content for a worldwide audience will scarcely improve from what they are now. Now is the time to be sharing the testing truths for the last generation through appealing, high-quality creative productions.

Days of Noah PDF


Evidences of a global flood validate the authenticity of the Bible's story about Noah and God's judgments both past, and those yet to come. Jesus warned His disciples the condition of the world before His second coming would be as it was "in the days of Noah." This project examines the lessons and warning messages of Noah to the world before its destruction by water, that we might better understand God's last messages of mercy to us before the world's destruction by fire.

For these reasons, Laymen Ministries is endeavoring to grow and expand our video production capabilities into areas of outreach production. Outreach video productions include projects like The Days of Noah documentary, The Voice in the Wilderness Series and Video Tracts for distribution online and DVD. These projects are designed to reach those unfamiliar with Bible truth. Our intention is to create a visually appealing way of providing intelligent answers to common questions and at the same time, correcting common misconceptions by uplifting truth. At the same time we see a great lack of quality video content, we see a fantastic need and opportunity to reach people with it where they are – in front of a computer or TV screen. The breach between those who bear the message and those who need it must be closed. Our objective and efforts cannot be centered on bringing the world to church to hear the message, the gap must be closed by bringing these messages to the world and video production is the most effective means of accomplishing this goal. As such, we have a great vision for what can be accomplished for the Lord through such productions.

In addition to video outreach, Laymen Ministries continues to produce travel and documentary style mission videos around the world, from the most remote jungles of the south pacific to the inner cities of Europe. These videos air on the satellite TV channel 3ABN, which is on the GloryStar and Dish networks as well as many cable channels. 3ABN can also be viewed live on iOS devices via an app called “TVU Player.” Our programs can also be seen in high-definition on our YouTube channel and our Video Room.

Laymen Ministries is also producing a Christian television program in India called Saving Hands. We recently built a new television studio and training center in Chennai, India. We are on various international satellite and cable networks around the world in different languages. For more information on Laymen Ministries' current projects, visit the Current Projects page.




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