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Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene *4 left*

By Ellen G. White and James S. White

By 1890, Ellen White had written a series of remarkable and important articles regarding the necessity of changing what were, for many, life-long habits and popular practices. A great revolution in health was wrought among the many church members who heeded her advice. This is certainly remarkable, because at the time the writings appeared, the subject of health was almost wholly ignored by the world at large, even by scientific authority. Those few who did advocate a reform of physical habits also propagated a great many patent errors, including some truly disgusting recommendations. Nowhere, and by no one, until these articles were presented by Mrs. White, was there offered a systematic and harmonious body of hygienic truths, free from gross error and consistent with the Bible and the principles of Christian religion.

Time has proven many of the principles of health reform to be true. In fact, most of the world has forgotten that they have not always been accepted. New discoveries in science continue to confirm the truth and usefulness of the articles that were pubishes as Christian Temperance.

As a church leader and the husband of God’ chosen messenger, James White became especially interested in the study of the Bible’s teachings on health and hygiene. He took great pleasure in showing the harmony between true science and the Scriptures. His intimate acquaintance with the views of his wife, and his own experience with disease during several attacks of serious illness, by which he was led to a very careful consideration of the various aspects of the health question, qualified him in a unique way to write about their experiences with adopting the healthful living practices Ellen was given from God, and which he found to be backed up by Scripture. His views and experiences appeared in the articles published as Bible Hygiene.

Originally published in 1890, the first half, written by Mrs. White, was a forerunner to The Ministry of Healing. The second half, written by James White, is a personal testimony on health reform and its support in found in Bible texts dealing with health. The reader will find this material straightforward and enlightening.

268 pages, paper.

  Christian Temperance by Ellen G. White
    General Principles
    Our Reasonable Service
    Effects of Stimulants
    Relation of Diet to Health and Morals
    Extremes in Diet
    Home Education
    Overburdened Housekeepers
    Parental Responsibility
    Education and Health
    General Hygiene
    False Impressions Concerning Experience
    Consulting Spiritualist Physicians
    Our Present Work
    Mental Inebriates
    Social Purity
    Cleanliness an Aid to Purity
    Hope for the Tempted

 Bible Hygiene by James S. White
    Food, Air, and Exercise
    Diet and Cleanliness of the Hebrews
    The Appetite in Human History
    The Power of Appetite
    Appetite Controllable
    The Gospel of Health
    Hygienic Reform: Its Rise and Progress Among Seventh-day Adventists
    Personal Experience


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